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Safety Tips

Think Before you click!
  • Have 1 good Virus Program (more than one just causes problems)
  • Keep it up to date
  • Remember if you say you “trust this sight” you are shutting off your antivirus!
  • You will NEVER be contacted from Microsoft the IRS or the FBI via phone, this is a scam and you need to hang up and shut down your computer. Never give them money.
  • Software updates are required to keep things running because things change and the software has to change with it in order for it to work properly.
  • NEVER install an update from a pop up when you are on-line (it is most likely a Virus). Instead install directly from the manufacturers website.
  • Programs that require updates > Your Windows (Microsoft) this will be done automatically. Note: update links for Adobe Reader- Adobe Flash - Oracle Java are located below
  • DO NOT shut down during an update.
Programs That Require Updates

Adobe Reader - Update Here!
Adobe Flash - Update Here!
Oracle Java - Update Here!
For more tips, check out our Safety Tips videos:
Quick Tip: Avoiding Viruses that Come Through Fake Updates for Flash and Java